Childbirth Classes

Mother and Baby

What is it that YOU need to know to give birth? How are you preparing to give and receive support? How will you cope with the unknowns of birth and parenting? Whatever kind of birth you are planning (at home or hospital; natural, medicated, or cesarean), my lively, unique classes help you thoroughly prepare in a mindful and intelligent way. You will learn how to effectively navigate the complexities of birthing in our culture and how to embrace the unexpected. Your fears will lessen; you’ll be ready to meet childbirth and parenting with trust, confidence, love, and courage. Learn more.

Birth Doula Services

In nearly every culture throughout history, women have been surrounded and cared for by other women during childbirth. Artistic representations of birth throughout the world usually include at least two other women surrounding and supporting the birthing woman. One of these women is the midwife, who is responsible for the safe passage of the mother and baby; the other woman is behind or beside the mother, holding and comforting her. In modern times, this other woman is the birth doula. She provides continuous physical and emotional support and assists with gathering information for women and their partners during labor and birth. Learn more.

Postpartum Doula & Breastfeeding Support

The postpartum period is a hopeful and idealistic time as you welcome your new baby and adjust to the blessings of being a parent. Any parent will also testify that this time can also be physically and emotionally challenging as identity and relationships change, hormones fluctuate, and sleep schedules are altered. In many cultures, families have built-in support systems for this major life transition, such as extended family or community that offer food, childcare, rituals, etc. A bonding and rest period after the birth is essential to every family's health, both immediately and long-term. Hiring a postpartum doula can help you make this transition with ease and beauty. Learn more.

Birth Story Listening

Everyone who experiences or witnesses the power of birth can be uplifted by the mystery and power of birth, and at the same time be haunted or dominated by feelings of powerlessness, confusion, shame, blame, or regret about a particular moment in which they believe they failed, or were failed. Whether you avoid thinking about specific parts of your experience or constantly replay a moment in your mind, you may be ready to change how you think about or give meaning to your birth experiences. Learn more.